Saturday, November 21, 2015

Custom Cracking Pecans for the Public

We do custom crack pecans for the public at our Pecan Shed located in Wichita Falls, TX. This store is open 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday. It is closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day as well as New Year's Day. The cost to get your pecans cracked is 50 cents per pound as of the 2015/2016 season. In order for our machines to do the best job, please separate your pecans according to size. If you mix sizes together we cannot do a good job on cracking your pecans. We also cannot crack pecans that have leaves, sticks, rocks or other debris in them and we cannot crack pecans that have the green or black hull still on them.

We also ask that you bring your pecans in paper sacks. Whatever you bring your pecans in is how you will get them back. If you bring them in buckets, you will get them back in buckets. If you bring them in boxes, you will get them back in boxes.

During the fall and winter months there are a lot of people wanting to get their pecans cracked so we are usually backed up for several hours. When you drop off your pecans we will give you a tag with a number on it and tell you what time yours will be ready. You need to bring the tag back so we can match up your pecans to your number.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Key Lime Fudge...

Key Lime Fudge is back at the Pecan Shed for a limited time!

If you like Key Lime Pie you will LOVE Key Lime Fudge.

This is one of our favorite summer flavors but hurry won't last long!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Labor of a New Store

Getting ready to open a new store to me is a lot like being pregnant for the first time. I have no idea what I am doing but a lot of people are giving me advice...some really good and some really scary. I have wild and crazy dreams all the time about what the first few moments and days will be like. It seems like I get "checkups" more and more often as we get closer to the "due date". I am trying to pick out furniture and decorations for a big empty room. I "registered" for lots of gifts (aka...I went to Market and ordered a bunch of stuff that will ship in September). People keep telling me everything is going to be great but sometimes I wonder if I will be able to handle being a "new mom" to a new store. One thing that is very true being pregnant...the "go-date" is coming whether I am ready or not! I just pray that everything will turn out as perfect as my precious Dotty did! I wasn't sure I would know what to do when I left for the hospital in the early morning hours of Sept. 8, 2007...but the minute I saw her...I just knew. I keep hoping that the day the doors open to the new Pecan Shed I again will just know.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mother Nature (aka...Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Mother Nature is showing no love to North Texas lately. Not only are we heading into the third year of a serious drought, but now we have faced multiple "late" freezes. All this means tough times for farmers and all those who rely on Mother Nature to help them out in business.

From the Pecan Shed's perspective...the outlook for next year's crop is not so good. We were already planning on a shorter crop due to the lack of rain, but last week's freeze wiped out a good portion of our crop...especially the Wichita and Pawnee pecans. Tonight we are expected to get yet another freeze (after several 80+ degree days). This has the potential to do even more damage to our already heavy hit crop.

I know we are not the only ones suffering. Pecan growers across Texas and Oklahoma are facing situations similar to ours. We have friends who own lawn service companies that have felt the pinch from Mother Nature as well. In addition to all this, we recently were told a wonderful business here in Wichita Falls, Smiths Gardentown, has had to temporarily close down due to the drought. Smiths has been in business for several generations here in Wichita Falls, and many people (including my family) buy all there flowering plants from Smiths. However, due to the drought and water restrictions, Smiths has experienced a severe drop in sales which has caused them to temporarily close. I know we all hope they will open up again soon!

The backlash from Mother Nature has had an impact on all of us. It hurts farmers and all those in agriculture, it also hurts vendors who rely on agriculture business (such as fertilizer and equipment companies), and ultimately it hurts the consumer as well. When crops are in short supply prices do go up (it is the simple rule of supply and demand in our economic structure).

We all hope and pray for rain...for our crops, for our animals, for livelihood...for our sanity and our spirits.

Lately, I have referred to Mother Nature as a "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"...if she isn't seething with hot anger… she is freezing you out with the cold shoulder. The good news is Mother Nature is just like any other woman...she can change her mind. It was not that long ago (2007) that we had record there is hope. Just like a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend we will just have to wait and see what mood Mother Nature is in tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Breaking Ground...

We are SO EXCITED to announce that we will have an official ground breaking for the new Pecan Shed in Henrietta on Monday, April 8th at 11am. I hope if you are out and about in that area you will stop by to see us "dig in" to this new adventure! The new Pecan Shed location will be on the west side of the Best Western on Hwy 287. We have been working hard on the plans for this location and we are thrilled to start moving the dirt and making our dreams a reality!!!
We will close the Pecan Shed in Wichita Falls on Monday, April 8th from 10am until 12:30pm so our entire staff can be a part of the ground breaking.
We hope to have the new Pecan Shed open by October 1st of this year!
The Pecan Shed in Wichita Falls will stay open...we will just have two stores to better serve our customers. Each store will do some things similar and then some things will be unique to each one of them. The Pecan Shed in Wichita Falls will remain the same. We will continue to crack pecans for the public (which is a service we offer year round) and we will continue to buy from the public (this will start again in November). We will also have our famous fudge available!
The Pecan Shed in Henrietta will not buy pecans or crack pecans for the public. Due to limited warehouse space we will not be able to offer these services. The new Pecan Shed will offer our famous fudge as well as we have plans to do more baking...things like cookies, pies, and who knows what else we might come up with! We will also have fountain drinks, coffee, gas, and some other convience items at the new Pecan Shed that we do not offer at our current location.
We promise to keep you posted on all the great things that are going on at our new location! Stay tuned! It is going to get exciting I have no doubts!!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

New Featured Fudge Flavor...

Back by popular demand...RED VELVET FUDGE!

This is our current Featured Fudge Flavor and it is a favorite...not only of our customers but the staff LOVES this fudge!!! I have a personal addiction...I mean affection...for it as well.

Stop in for a piece today!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hedging Time

It is time to hedge your pecan trees. We have started the process out at our orchards in Charlie, TX. In order to promote sunlight penetration throughout the orchard, we hedge our trees to keep them from crowding each other.
We all know from elementary science classed that all plants need water and sunlight in order to grow and produce their respective fruits. Pecan trees are no different. They need a lot of sunlight from the top of the tree all the way through to the bottom limbs in order to produce pecans. If trees get too crowded they will begin to "shade out" and when this happens the lower limbs will not produce pecans.
The youtube link below is our pecan hedger in action if you would like to check it out.
Remember...PRAY FOR RAIN!